Apsley cleaner “We have been very happy with the service received and would contact you againshould our circumstances change.” In-house ironing


What jobs are the cleaners prepared to do?

You can ask the cleaner any normal house keeping duties. The obvious ones hovering, polishing, dusting, moping, also cleaning out the fringe, cleaning under the sink, cleaning under the stairs, internal window cleaning, etc

Can I specify the cleaning day or the specific times my cleaner calls?

Yes! Thursday and Friday are the most popular days so if you are only prepared to accept one of these, it may take longer to find a suitable cleaner.

Can I have a cleaner once a fortnight?

No; The cleaners we introduce are mainly looking for regular weekly work, due to lack of availability of cleaners I have had to discontinue fortnightly cleanse.

Will the cleaner come in for an hour a day?

Unfortunately not. It’s not worth their while to travel to and from your property just to earn an hour’s rate of pay. The minimum work session is two hours.

Will it be the same cleaner every week?


Do I need to be in when the cleaner calls to perform her duties?

No! Indeed most people are not in when she calls. However we do have people who work from home, retired and disabled people among our clients, who are in when the cleaner cleans. Whether you are in or out is not a problem, rest assured the cleaner will carry out her duties regardless.

What happens if I do not get on with the cleaner?

This is rare as the cleaner are chosen because of their approach and attitude, however if there was ever a problem, simply notify us and if you wish we will provide a new cleaner

What happens if the cleaner s unable to call on her specified day due to illness or holiday?

If you require a temporary cleaner for when your cleaner is away on holiday or through illness, please let us know and we will endeavor to arrange a replacement.

What happens if I don’t want the cleaner to call one week – say, because I am ill?

There is no obligation to pay your cleaner if their services are not required on a particular week.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do, your cleaner is covered for accidental damage to your property.

How long will it take to find me a cleaner?

It depends on where you live, which day you want, the number of hours and the type of tasks you want your cleaner to do. Normally though we introduce a cleaner within 7 days it some times goes beyond that.